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For more than 40 years, we have provided clients, and clients who have become friends, with choice and interesting coins. Our main area of focus is on coins of the British Commonwealth. Whether the coin is $5 or as much as $15,000, the main priority is that the coin is choice for its issue and that it brings a smile to the new owner's face.

In our "free time", we have catalogued extensively for others including the three-part Diana Collection for A. H. Baldwin and Sons. We recently completed pricing British India with Dr. Paul Stevens' catalogue. This is the first time that the market helped price the true value of top grade coins, including Original Proofs and Proof Restrikes. See the Book on Coinage of British India section below for further details.

We continue to travel extensively in search of interesting coins for clients and friends. Want lists are welcome and well received.

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Book on Coinage of British India

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Dr. Paul Stevens and Randy Weir have collaborated on a book entitled The Uniform Coinage of British India 1835 to 1947 A Catalogue and Pricelist. This invaluable resource on Indian coins of the period is available for purchase for $50 US plus postage. To order your copy, email us here Randy.weir@rogers.com or via the Contact Us page.

About the Book and the Authors

Dr. Paul Stevens and Randy Weir have a combined 80 years experience in the field of British Indian numismatics. They have been collectors, students and dealers, so they bring a spectrum of experience to this fascinating series. They both recognized that there was so much still unknown, unrecognized and under appreciated about these coins that they couldn’t help but decide to make this their major area of study for the rest of their lives.

Deciding to share this information, they put this book together to show and identify Proofs and Proof Restrikes, breaking them down to Original Proofs, Early Proof Restrikes (mostly pre 1919) and later Restrikes (mostly from the 1960s). Up to date pricing for the collectable grades of currency coins and colour photos and prices of the Patterns that were struck in very limited numbers from 1834-1947 are also included.  Photos are from the collection of Dr. David Fore, which was sold in two auction sales by A.H. Baldwin & Sons in 2013. Dr. Fore was able to put together one of the most complete collections ever formed, spending close to 50 years acquiring every coin he needed, not worrying about investment or whether it was graded or not. He, too, was a student of the series and learned what was nice and collectable, without a grading firm telling him what they ‘thought’ the grade was.

We hope you enjoy the book as much as they had writing it.